Tutoring, a beginner’s tale

I just realised that there has not been an update to this blog since July, which is unacceptable. The good news is that there was too much to work on, which will mean many interesting posts in the future! Also, you might have noticed that the Lady moved to WordPress, and this is where we will be from now on. Now off to the topic at hand.

It is no secret that a significant part of any PhD is tutoring undergrad students.The time came for the Lady to undertake this role as well, and in her classroom there is no room for Μisrule! Continue reading “Tutoring, a beginner’s tale”


IMC Leeds 2016, And Why you Should Attend Insanely Big Conferences as Early in your Academic Career as Possible.

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, it is submission time at Uni and I have a first year review ahead of me, so I have been writing a lot and I did not have time to write more. I did, however, make time to write a paper and go to Leeds and present it in the International Medieval Congress.

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Do it like a man

I think that the dialogue between the sexes has provided inspiration to comedians since the beginning of time. Aristophanes’ Lysistrata is a very famous example of how gender roles have been used for comedy: when the women of Athens decide to go on a strike and deny sex to their husbands, the husbands stop the war to get their wives and their pleasure back. This is but one example of gender-related humour in human history.

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PhD Wisdom, Part I


I wanted the first post to be about PhD-ing and not about my own research. I intend to share my thoughts on the general PhD experience and how it is for me, and it is the first thing that I will talk about because it is the most important thing that I learned in my first two years. It helped with stress management, with networking and with my self-confidence at those early stages when I felt that I should know what I am doing, and I knew I didn’t.

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Raise your Glasses to New Beginnings!

I would have liked it very much if this blog had started back in 2007, when I realised that my fascination with Medieval art and all things Dark Ages was bigger than I imagined. Unfortunately I did not do it back then, satisfying my hunger for online medieval small talk by reading blogs of other people. If the saying is right, the next best moment is now, so here I am.

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